President's Award

Outstanding service, individual dedication and commitment, or leadership within the Arizona Society of Civil Engineers should be recognized and noted to AzSCE membership. One avenue of recognition for individual service and commitment is being honored with the President’s Award. This honor is recognized annually by awarding a plaque to individual(s) meeting the AzSCE President’s criteria.

By the President’s choosing, this award will be given annually to any student or member for outstanding service, dedication and commitment. The award will be presented at the annual Section Meeting.

The award is to be presented annually at the Section Meeting to an AzSCE member who has provided outstanding service, individual dedication, and commitment or leadership specifically to the Section Board.

This award may be given to several individuals or may not be given in any one year. The basis for award is to recognize one or a select few individuals that meet the specific criteria noted above.

The recipient shall be an ASCE member of any grade including students.

The recipient shall be a dues paying member of AzSCE.

The recipient shall be (or have been) an active member of the Section Board or an AzSCE subsidiary organization, including student chapters, faculty advisors or practitioners, or technical committees.

Nominations for the award shall be made by the President in August. The President shall briefly document why an individual(s) shall be considered for this honor, including an appropriate description of service, commitment and/or leadership to the Section, a description of the nominees’ background and criteria verification.

The President shall submit nominations to the Past President and President-Elect only. A joint decision from the President, Past President and President-Elect shall determine if the nominee(s) should receive the award.

Publicity on the nominee(s) and final selection shall be withheld until the President announces the award at the Section Meeting.

The responsibility of administering this award shall lie with the Arizona Society Awards Committee, i.e. the Past President. Responsibility shall include reminding the President to submit nomination(s); chairing the meeting to determine if any nominees meet the criteria for the award; ordering the plaque; coordinating with the President to be sure the recipient is attending the Section Meeting; and finally documenting the award winners in the AzSCE Administration Manual.

History of Award Recipients
The following is a list of past award winners:

Year – Recipient

2021 – Jeremy Degeyter, Stephanie Templeton, Chelsi Remme, Jesus Cervantes

2020 – Jeff Swan

2019 – Jose Aguilar

2018 – Deirdre Brosnihan, Mark Lamer

2017 – Brent Borchers, Chad Drago

2016 – Marlo Abramowitz

2015 – Mike Worlton

2014 – Sherry Martin

2013 – Christine W. Fanchi

2012 – Darrel E. Wood

2011 – Brent Borchers, Julian Dresang

2010 – Oscar T. Lyon, Jr.

2009 – Kwame Agyare, Sherry Martin

2008 – Melanie Sikes, Andrew Smigielski, Karl Obergh

2007 – Meghan Bowen

2006 – Sheila M. Bowen

2005 – Debra Larson, David Hook

2004 – Chet Teaford, Jason Mikkelsen

2003 – Tom Galeziewski, Wayne Reilly


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