ASCE/ASHE Conference 2014

Desert Willow Conference Center
September 11, 2014

Health & the Built Environment: Civil Engineers are now in the Health Business
C.J. Hager, St. Luke’s Health Initiative

Removing Travel Lanes: Are We Crazy!?
Julian Dresang, City of Tempe

Designing Complete Streets
Jeff Velasquez and Denise Dunlop, J2 Engineering & Environmental Design

Town of Clarkdale: Recycling a Complete WWTP
Wayne Debrosky, Town of Clarkdale, Fred Goldman, Consulting Engineer, and David Giannetto, Felix Construction

Land Subsidence & Earth Fissures from Groundwater Withdrawal – A Growing Worldwide Problem
Dr. Muniram Budhu, University of Arizona

More Than Just a Stripe: Creating Inviting Bikeways
Christine Fanchi, City of Avondale

Navajo DOT: Direct Federal Funding & Project Priorities
Darryl Bradley, Navajo DOT

Valley Metro Rail Extension: What’s the Priority?
Tom Callow, Valley Metro

Pacific Southwest Conference 2015
Luis Fernando Valdez Sota, U of A

Making the Highway Trust Fund Solvent
Brian Pallasch, ASCE Director of Government Relations & Infrastructure Initiatives

MAG Spine Study
Bob Hazlett, MAG

White Tanks FRS No. 3 Outfall Channel & Recreation Corridor
Gary Wesch, FCDMC and Paul Hoskin & Peng Zhang, Hoskin Ryan Consultants, Inc.

Performance of Polymer Modified Asphalt Containing Fibers in Flagstaff
Adam Miele, Plateau Engineering & Chun-Hsiang (Jun) Ho, NAU Engineering Professor

Changing the Flow: How Low Impact Development Can Be Incorporated Into Your Project & Bottom Line
Ann Reichman, ASU Sustainable Cities Network, James DeRoussel, Watershed Management Group, and Scott Bouchie, City of Mesa

I-11 Corridor
Mike Kies, ADOT

ASCE Envision: An Infrastructure Rating System
Kevin Thornton & Sean Vargas, PSOMAS

ADOT: Bike & Ped Counts… How This Affects Your Project?
Methods and Technologies for Pedestrian and Bicycle Volume Data Collection
Mark Poppe, ADOT and Kelly Laustsen, Kittelson & Associates

Solar Tower – Power for the 21st Century
Christopher Davey, EnviroMission