Tonopah Award

An Arizona Society award that may be presented annually to an Associate Member of the Arizona Society ASCE who is judged to have provided outstanding service to the Arizona Society. Nominations are made by the Committee on Awards and Prizes. A wall plaque is provided to the recipient at the Annual Arizona Society Meeting. The award was established by the Arizona Society in 1978 and presented at the Spring 1978 Arizona Society meeting. The award is intended to recognize the contribution of an outstanding young Civil Engineer to Arizona’s programs. The first recipient was Kent Dibble.

History of the Award
In February 1978, Jim Anderson and Kent Dibble were Arizona Society delegates to the Pacific Southwest Council meeting of ASCE in Reno. Upon flying from Phoenix to Las Vegas, they found their flight to Reno was canceled by bad weather. They rented a car and drove all night to arrive in Reno at 6:00 a.m. for an 8:00 meeting. In Tonopah, Nevada, the roads became so bad that they had to buy a set of chains to proceed. Those chains subsequently became property of the Arizona Society and some of the links are attached to the Plaque we present.

History of Award Recipients
The following is a list of past award winners.

1978 Kent Dibble
1979 Not Given
1980 Not Given
1981 Not Given
1982 Bill Kantor
1983 Darrel Wood
1984 Gary Timmerman
1985 Tom Galeziewski
1986 Bob Hughes
1987 Mike Beehler
1988 Ron Hilgart
1989 Jim Glock
1990 Andy Brown
1991 Jody Kliska
1992 Eric Garner
1993 Stephanie Yard
1994 Michael Barton
1995 Michael Kies
1996 Ken Walsh
1997 Michael Smith
1998 Kwame Agyare
1999 Dana Owsiany
2000 Jason Mikkelsen
2001 Chris Kmetty
2002 Sheina Pool
2003 Anna Leyva-Easton
2004 Daniel Yu
2005 Lani Good
2006 Martha J. Davis
2007 Jennifer Kroening
2008 Brent Borchers
2009 Chris Milner
2010 Samuel A. Credio
2011 Ryan Circello
2012 Frederick Tack
2013 Chad V. Drago
2014 Mark Lamer
2015 Marlo Abramowitz
2016 Melanie Sikes
2017 Jose Aguilar
2018 Chelsi Remme
2019 Breanna Connolly
2020 Ted Smithwick