John C. Park Outstanding Civil Engineer Award

An Arizona Society award which may be made annually to a registered professional engineer in Arizona, who is a Fellow or Life Member of the Arizona Society ASCE, and who is judged to have contributed substantially to the status of the engineering profession. Nominations are made by the Committee on Award and Prizes. A wall plaque or formal certificate is given to the recipient at the annual Arizona Society Meeting, and an inscription of recipient’s name is included on the wall plaque located in the University of Arizona Civil Engineering Building.

History of the Award
John C. Park served overseas in World War I. After the war (1923), he enrolled as a Freshman in Civil Engineering at the University of Arizona. After graduation in 1926, he was appointed to the faculty of Civil Engineering at the U of A and except for time to earn his Masters of Science at Iowa State, he served the University continually until 1958. John C. Park became a Full Professor, and served as Dean of the College of Engineering from 1951 to 1958.

John C. Park, along with members of the Arizona Highway Department and the Bureau of Roads initiated the Arizona Roads and Street annual conference program. Professor Park was very active with the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration, and from 1951 was the Supervisor of Examinations as well as being a member of the Board of Technical Registration.

Because of his desire for professionalism in engineering, he was named a member of the National Council of State Boards of Engineering Examiners. He was very active in the Arizona Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and served as President of the Section. Professor Parks served on several National Engineering Committees.

Throughout his professional and academic life, John C. Parks was a strong supporter of engineering ethical behavior, and the desire to establish engineering as a dominant profession. He wrote many articles on these subjects for national publication. Because of his professionalism, the John C. Park Outstanding Engineer Award was established in 1966. The Award exemplifies John C. Park achievements in his engineering professional and personal life.

The plaque permanently resides in the Civil Engineering Building at the University of Arizona, and is dedicated each year to a Registered Professional Engineer in Arizona and a Life Member of ASCE, who is judged to have contributed substantially to the status of the Engineering Profession by:

  • Distinguished service in the field of Civil Engineering in Arizona;
  • Significant contribution toward improving the professional aspects of civil engineering education or professional development and guidance of young civil engineers;
  • Outstanding achievement in the field of professional advancement; or
  • Other evidence of merit, which in the judgment of the Awards Committee shall have advanced the Society’s professional objective.

History of Award Recipients
The following is a list of past award winners.

1962 George E.P. Smith
1963 Earle V. Miller
1964 Wayne O’Hara
1965 Erasmus S. Borgquist
1966 Vic H. Householder
1967 Ralph Hoffman
1968 George T. Grove
1969 Harold C. Schwalen
1970 David J. Hall
1971 Harold W. Yost
1972 John Carollo*, Charles Dryden
1973 Herman Danforth*, Dario Travaini
1974 Fred Glendening
1975 Oscar T. Lyon, Jr.
1976 Clarence H. Whalin
1977 Quentin M. Mees
1978 Ben T. Dibble
1979 Andrew B. Marum
1980 R. C. Esterbrooks
1981 R. A. Jimenez
1982 Wayne W. Linthacum
1983 Jim Anderson
1984 Emmett Laursen
1985 Charles W. Newlin
1986 Bill Wiley
1987 Ken Renard
1988 Gene Morris
1989 Ed Mangotich
1990 Gerald Matlock
1991 Ed Hall
1992 James Attebery
1993 John Stufflebean
1994 Phil Epstein
1995 Rudolf Jimenez
1996 Margaret Peterson
1997 Paul Cella
1998 Fred Nelson
1999 Ed Nowatski
2000 Rich Perry
2001 Tom McGovern
2002 Mark Woodson
2003 Marty Rosness
2004 Kenneth Carter
2005 Earnest Smerdon
2006 Robert H. Wortman
2007 Achintya Haldar
2008 A. Wayne Collins
2009 Dennis Richards
2010 Michael J. Barton
2011 Enamul Hoque
2012 John A. Replogle
2013 Mick Mathieu
2014 Stanley E. Turney
2015 Guy Carpenter
2016 Kent Dibble
2017 Jerry Cannon
2018 David Monihan, Jr.
2019 Steve Jimenez
2020 Larry Hanson

*- Awarded Posthumously