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ASCE Arizona Section Vision:

ASCE members serving as global leaders to build a better quality of life.

ASCE Arizona Section Mission:

The American Society of Civil Engineers, Arizona Section, will lead by advancing the profession through membership, involvement, public outreach, and promoting sound public policy.


• Encourage industry and individual participation in ASCE membership and activities

• Advance involvement participation and collaboration in Arizona between industry practitioners serving as technical and ethical leaders.

• Facilitate annual outreach to public officials educating public policy makers on infrastructure value

• Act as stewards of ASCE for the Section constituents through awareness, understanding,
reporting, and a transfer of knowledge

President’s Message – January 2018

Ted Smithwick, PE, M.ASCE, President, ASCE Arizona

Ted Smithwick

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Arizona ASCE Members! I hope your holidays were spent with friends and family, some time for relaxation and reflection. As I contemplate this month’s President’s Message for this newsletter, I always find it interesting when chatting with ASCE members about what ASCE means to them. I’ve met folks who use their membership for networking and meeting other ASCE members, some use it for discounts on manuals and other resources, others use it to be part of the vast technical networks for questions and discussion. When I think of my time with ASCE, some highlights come to mind:

  1. As a student, becoming an ASCE member was great: free pizza during the student meetings and opportunities to go to conference and hang out with friends.
  2. During my first internship at Western Technologies in Tucson, I met Randy Harris – Randy is a longtime ASCE member who is always willing to help others and cares about doing things right.
  3. During my second internship at Dibble in Phoenix, I met Kent Dibble – Kent always took the time to get to know staff and create personal relationships. While working at Dibble, Kent once wrote his home phone number down for me in case I had questions or wanted to talk about my career after college.
  4. Also while at Dibble, I met Christine Fanchi – Christine was pregnant with her first son when I met her and being her friend meant taking the elevator together and going to the Younger Member Forum together. For Christine, the question wasn’t whether to participate in ASCE, it was always how to get others to come with her to ASCE events.

What does ASCE mean to you? I’d like to hear from you – please drop me a line at SmithwickTed@stanleygroup.com

Thank you all for being part of ASCE and here’s to a great 2019!

Here’s my tentative schedule of newsletter topics:

  • February 2019 – Impacting Our Youth
  • March 2019 – How to be Funny
  • April 2019 – Goodness (Feeling, Recognizing, Sensing, and Giving)
  • May 2019 – Winning Friends and Influencing People
  • June 2019 – An Interview with an Arizona ASCE Member
  • July 2019 – How to Save Someone’s Life
  • August 2019 – My Thoughts on ASCE
  • September 2019 – Thank you
  • October 2019 – Breanna Connolly Takes Over the President’s Message

In this newsletter you’ll find information about a very exciting event at the Grand Canyon next month. This is truly a unique event. I hope you’ll consider joining me!

We’re also updating the Arizona Infrastructure Report Card and need your help. Please see the flyer for more info.

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2015 Report Card for Arizona’s Infrastructure

2015 Report card

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