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ASCE Arizona Section Vision:

ASCE members serving as global leaders to build a better quality of life.

ASCE Arizona Section Mission:

The American Society of Civil Engineers, Arizona Section, will lead by advancing the profession through membership, involvement, public outreach, and promoting sound public policy.


• Encourage industry and individual participation in ASCE membership and activities

• Advance involvement participation and collaboration in Arizona between industry practitioners serving as technical and ethical leaders.

• Facilitate annual outreach to public officials educating public policy makers on infrastructure value

• Act as stewards of ASCE for the Section constituents through awareness, understanding,
reporting, and a transfer of knowledge

President’s Message – December 2017

Fausto Burruel, MPA, PE, CPM, M.ASCE, President, ASCE Arizona


I’m hopeful that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, enjoyed the break from the daily grind, and spent the day enjoying good food and great company. Like many people, my family and I enjoyed Thanksgiving by spending time with family and friends and eating way too much…well, at least I did. This year we didn’t hold Thanks giving at our house, thank goodness, so that meant we were traveling between my family and my wife’s so that we could spend time with each. I know that during the holidays we are supposed to leave work behind and enjoy the family time, but I still find myself thinking about infrastructure as I travel. I am amazed and “thankful” for the benefits we have in this great state and nation that we live in and how blessed we are with the infrastructure we have. As I ponder this while traveling I am also reminded of what it takes to construct and maintain our infrastructure…

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2015 Report Card for Arizona’s Infrastructure

2015 Report card

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